In 1993, Olympic Fasteners developed the OMG Log Hog Screw, the first threaded log home fastener which required no predrilling. Since its introduction, the Log Hog has changed the way log homes are constructed.

Here's why:

No Predrilling! The Log Hog zips right through all species of logs.

Self Countersinking head design: Buries itself below the log surface and allows for natural log settling.

Removable: Just put the drill in reverse and back it out.

Strong pull down power.

No sledge hammer damage.

Greatly reduced labor time.

100% American Made.

8" Log Hog Screws/ 250 per case   $186

11" Log Hog Screws/ 250 per case  $230

15" Log Hog Screws/ 150 per case  $195




Novagard Foam Gasketing

Closed cell structures seal out light, air, dust and moisture

Cushions against shock and vibration

Resistant to most solvents and chemicals

Service temperatures of -40ºF to +180ºF

All Novagard Solutions™ PVC foam is intrinsically fire resistant

Self-extinguishing formulations per Underwriters Laboratories UL-94 HF-1

Inherently ultraviolet resistant

Box 3/8"x 1/2"x 750' $145



Smooth latex caulk won't crack, peel or pull away

Introduced in 1988 – proven formula

Excellent elasticity, memory and adhesion

Limited lifetime warranty

Water-based – easy to apply and clean up

Freeze-thaw stable

Box (10) 29 Oz. Tubes $148



Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Roof Insulation can be the perfect answer to your log home's roof insulation needs. EPS Foam Roof Panels offer several distinct advantages over other forms of insulation -- permanent R value, inherent water resistance, excellent physical properties and dimensional stability. Our roof panels are available with or without OSB panels prebonded to the top of the panel.

Features and Benefits of EPS Foam Roof Panels

EPS foam gives better thermal efficiency per dollar than other insulations.

EPS foam delivers R4 insulating capacity per inch of depth,

Thermal performance is more stable over time than other insulations.

Low water absorption but still breathable.

Dimensionally stable and moisture has little or no effect on stability.

Minimal weight on the roof.

Easy to handle and install.



Preserve the appeal of your wood’s natural appearance with WOOD guard®, our highly durable wood preservative stain backed by over 30 years of proven performance. By penetrating deeply into the wood on log homes and log siding, this oil-based formula provides exceptional water repellency and protection against termites and damaging UV rays. In fact, with an easy one-coat application, WOODguard works to vigorously protect your wood without forming a film that will crack or peel.



Cetol Log and Siding is a high-performance translucent exterior stain for log homes. This alkyd high solids formulation offers optimum protection and a premium look in just two coats.

Cetol Log and Siding’s two-coat satin finish creates a protective film that gives siding and logs a premium furniture-like finish that allows all the natural characteristics and gain of the wood to show through. The product creates a durable surface barrier to prevent wood from weathering.