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Welcome to our new Discount Log Homes blog.  I hope to be able to address commonly asked questions, concerns, topics about log homes over time.  If you have any suggestions, just drop me a line!  Today I would like to briefly talk about what a log home ISN’T.  We have quite a few people every year that call in asking how the cost of a log home compares to a mobile home.  Let me clarify this by saying that  I certainly don’t look down on mobile homes (in fact, I sold a few way back in the day) however, it is important to let you know that a log home is a custom built home. Therefore, it is like comparing apples to basketballs.

The next call we get is the kind I call “the Little House on the Prairie” customer.  I love the show, but not many people have the time or resources to build their entire home from scratch.  This customer also believes that a finished log home should be the price it would have been in the 1800s (had a log home company existed back then).  Again I state, a log home is a custom built home and costs will depend on many factors, including where you build.

So when you look at log homes be aware of what you are looking at .

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