 L.F. of graded logs for exterior walls.

  L.F. of graded Log Siding for gable ends and all dormers and skirt for rim joist coverage.


 OlyLog screws for log joinery


 Poly-foam gaskets on top of each tongue for added insulation.


 Hardwood dowels for butt joints and corners.


 Log Builders caulk for corners and butt joints.


 Standard blue prints (five sets)


 Construction Manual


 Material Wrap for all materials.


 Window and door trim.  

  Buying your log home package or log cabin kit at Discount Log Homes is great for you because you get premium quality logs, log siding, beams, T&G, and log home supplies that are made right here in the USA.  We also offer beautiful log staircases, handcrafted fireplace mantels, hand carved mantels and other finishing touches to make your dream home all that it can be.    

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